Shopping with Guide Pinder

Lets first talk about Wholesale Shopping in bangkok

Top questions always been asked by tourists is where should i get fake men shirts, fake Rolex, fake bags and many more.

Let jump into fake men shirts

( Fake Men Shirts from top brand. If you want to to buy just let me know

Suit for men with great premium fabric 100% import from Italy because i am a dressmaker and manufacturer. i can do cover all fashion product for you and export to your country.

How ever i am not going to sell thing. But if you cant wait all i have answer. from This episode I take you to the famous whole sale mall

Lets first go to fashion stuff. Number 1 area cheapest price will be in Patunam

But if you would like to have more casual and good quality which is platinum fashion mall is the one I would recommend.

What do they have in Platinum fashion mall?

1 women wear fake thai designers clothes , fake global designers

2 men wear ( buy with me. Get lower price ;) because I am a manufacturer

3 kid wear

4 jewelry

5 socks

6 watch

7 bags

8 shoes

more info please check

Second stuff is electronic stuff firstly I thinking of Pantip plaza Well you might also think of MBK. Lets me present pantip. I am not guaranteed its cheaper. But most of thing is cheaper than mbk but you might have to know the shop really well.

What do they have in Pantip Plaza ?

1 Phone

2 Ipad

3 Laptop

4 Camera

5 Phone accessories

6 Computer accessories

7 Fix service

And these areas i called wholesale place in bangkok i closed to each other can do walking tour before jump into the boat to old town bangkok

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