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Pintusorn Muangwong   Founder of Pinder Tour
Pintusorn is the founder Pinder Tour Co.,ltd.
                 Welcome to our official page. from begin of the journey our  funder is the tour guide which provide tour since 2012. Her idea is that to provide the best fun memorable tour which is fun relax from stress out of work by provide group tours, Seminars, activities, company outing trips, team building party which we also cooperate with out sister brand where we provide costume party in any theme .annual travel By a professional team Provide seminars Pinder Tour Co., Ltd. is a service provider for seminars and group tours. Including organizing a Company outing Trip, organizing a group tour Annual tour for various agencies With a team with service heart and capable of organizing seminars for various organizations for more than 10 years with a professional organizer that is honest and straightforward, registered with the Department of Tourism legally. License number 51/00783 You can contact the team for a quote about the seminar, activities, Walk Rally, Sport Day, or organize a group tour. By number of members Both small groups, large groups Whether you are a group of friends Various organization groups, whether Private organizations, government agencies, we can serve you. According to the topic of seminar activities With a team of professionals with great experience in organizing activities And the style of events, banquets, lights and sounds With pleasure And organize outing activities according to the training topic or the activity topic as you want The team is happy to provide advice that will make you happy with your special day. Happy to serve Think of seminars outside of the venue, think of us, Pinder Tour. Welcome to consult Plan your event with the experience of receiving seminars Of us for a long time. We would like to be a part In introducing and creating work in the way you want Because we are the real person in the matter of receiving seminars And we are ready to help create good things for all service recipients By selecting what is good and suitable for you With excellent service And ready to pass happiness to our customers from the heart of the Pinder Tour team, call 0923240077 to arrange Seminars with reasonable price, right here, welcome and ready to serve.

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