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I've come across a website - while scouring the Internet. It's a site owned by Pinderella Beam from Pinder Tour . I've never seen someone who has a friendly smile and is funny tour guide like her before. I e-mailed her and asked if she could be a tour guide for a day trip in Bangkok. She told me a wonderful story about why she became a tour guide She told me she was a tour guide in 2012 on Meetrip, and she earned $10 just because she wanted to practice English. Now you can hire her for a bit more. She offers a variety of tour packages. There is the Walking Tour which I think is perfect for people who love to walk and exercise. The 5 hour tour starts from 4 pm or whenever you are ready. She also has morning tours like the Outside Bangkok Tour. If you are the one who would is a fan of Tomb Raider, but don’t have time to visit Cambodia, you can book her Ayutthaya Tour which is amazing. Aside from general tours Pinderella also has Business Tours such as Property Tours which are made for investors or those who would love to have condo in Thailand. Cosmetic Tours for those who would love to build their own cosmetic brand or even Fashion Tours your own clothing brand and she can help export to your countries and many more business tours. If you come to Thailand don’t miss the coolest friendly tour guide, Pinder. She can help you get transportation, other tour guides, or anything else you need help with in Thailand and south east Asia. Have fun with the "Pinder Tour". It's not a normal tour, it's a tour with experiences, emotions and memories. For more info and packages, check out

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