New Package : Traditional Thai Ceremony by Pinder Tour

if you come to visit Bangkok, Thailand with your spouse. Let's Just say " I do again " Project Renewal of your wedding vows years anniversary in a Traditional Thai Ceremony !! I beg Its Absolutely the most amazing day and truly beautiful and romantic for your special private wedding ceremony.

Getting married through a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony: “Thai wedding traditions symbolically bring together the bride and groom and bestow blessings upon them. The blessing of the couple is symbolized by sacred markings and the rod-nam-sang or conch shell, considered a source of good in ancient Brahman religion and a core symbol in Buddhism. Water is also an important element and signifies cleansing and luck. By pouring water from the conch shell over the couple’s hands, we give them our blessing and wish them happiness and prosperity.”

All full process of Thai Wedding

1) Choosing the Date

2) Wedding Invitations

3) Engagement Ceremony

4) Paying Homage to the Bride’s Ancestors

5) Making Merit

6) Buddhist Blessing and Merit Making

7) Khan Maak Procession

8) Doors Ceremony/Gate Ceremony

9) Sai Monkhon

10) Shell Ceremony – ‘Rod Nam Sang’

11) White Thread Ceremony – ‘Phiti Bai Sri Su Kwan’

12) Sai Sin

13) Evening Party

14) Preparing the Bridal Bed

15) Sinsod

In This short Wedding Trip ... held in temple and cover for Making Merit and Buddhist Blessing and Merit Making

For more video for example what we do and how it going please call +66923240077

Tour Start 6.00 am pick up at hotel dress up at hotel

arrive temple in bangkok

activities in Buddhist merit

picture time

6.45-7.00 am heading to hotel

Tour cost 5,500 thb


Activity service


Thai costume/ Thai accessory

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