Introduce Pinder Guide Team : Guide Tong This Video I made it because I would like

Today i have special guess who is my one of the best tour guide from Pinder Tour. Guide Tong that i am talking about. So let getting to know him better with my simple questions 20 things about Guide Tong. 1) His favorite color is White 2) He was born in Bangkok  3) His favorite song is Just the way you are by buno mar  4) He is still single everyone.  5) He love asian girl average tall cute pretty smart and fun 6) He graduated in International tourism managing 7) The reason he want to be a tour guide is he love traveling so much

😎 His favorite province in Thailand is The old capital of Ayutthaya 9) His free time always spend to watch some good movies. 10) Avatar is his the best of the best movie for him 11) 3 words to describe him first word is energetic second is fun third is knowledgeable 12) If he were a tourist come to visit Thailand for the first time. He would go to visit Sukhothai which is the original Thai begin and well known as the first capital of Thailand. 13) His favorite dish is Pad Thai 14) He can speak 2 languages which is thai and english 15) I had been studying abroad like England 16) If you come to England. his favorite place is London. So thats his recommendation 17) His favorite animal is pig 18) He told me the childhood story when he was a stubborn kid like he had accident when he ride motorbike and jump to water without permission 19) The most happiest day in life when he was graduating from the college 20) Well done Guide Tong another one thing left he love singing if you hire him you could hear his golden voice

Alright this is really short 20 things about guide Tong if you want to know him more. Directly tell us here +66923240077

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