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Is there somebody will crazy in love and crazy to work for Pinder Tour ? If not me ? I could aslo say Pinder Tour is my real boyfriend 😂 2 years and a half year since I start full time back to the age of 25 lady and start the tour company with license at the age of 26 been working for Pinder Tour until nowadays almost 28 years old soon. Time move so fast and never stop for me. But somebody will not know the truth about Me as I worked as Tour Guide wait !!! I only do myself marketing. But I first post my profile on marketplace for tour guide in 2012 And yes bingo I got the first customer whom I still talking until today. He is from China. Year after year after year !! I found myself get own customers from app Chanel. It's going great for the first year and bring million for me :-) and my first customer from the app I still remember he is from Sweden. And guess what I start my seo and get my frist customer again The reason I start seo thing Because my favorite app is blocked :-) so SEO free tools marketing is calling. I am doing this days after days after days. Well done guys. I wish I could get on top list on google really soon so you guys should find me faster

tour guide in bangkok ancient city
My first customer from One App

Tour guide  pinder tour
My First tourist ever since 2012

As a solo lady running herself tour company start from 0 budget. It's quit hard deep hard and harder. I have done both men and women work over 15 hr spending with my laptops and five phones. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this company, even I want to quit everyday but still keep the best everyday.

Every morning mu route is same like everyday wake up, set up my shore, clean and ready to walk out to have lunch and back to work start with 5 phones and laptops. Its he afternoon sill keep running app. reply customers, finding new suppliers, business meeting, and graphic thing, video maker which i am pretty bad at it :P well all about my work

best tour guide in bangkok
Founder Pinder Tour

top 10 tour guide in bangkok
Miss Pinder Tour

If you like my fighting story. Please give me a chance to make your perfect holiday and happy on air happy. Please support me always 🙏

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