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Pinder Tour Original Route

The reason my tour start at 4pm because bangkok is hot in day time. Mostly I would recommend tourists stay in Sukhumvit line like Chitlom, Ploen Chit read more ( recommendation from me at ) first move to shopping area in bangkok some people might skip to boat pier in Phratunam

Well this is the first destination is Golden mountain Temple 
Admission fee is 50thb 
This temple is easy to come and walk to the top of mountain. Just like when we hiking On top there will be Chedi which inside was kept Buddha relics. If you would like to crack it. 😬 in beautiful nature at night is really unbelievable. I can't explain. Always open but please come before 7.30 pm you could see 360 Panoramic view of bangkok.

After finish the Golden Mountain Temple we will walk to the wood maker area. (I mean Carpenter Area ) walking to the the end of the Conner you will arrive to the monk bowl making village. You could see the whole process making bowl 🙂

One of the highlight for this trip is to stop at the street food micilin star 
Jay Fai restaurant. 
The famous dise crab omelet 
And some dry noodle as Jay Fai style. 
This is normal dise but Jay Fai she all make brand new Thai dise. Which you could not eat any where else but here

And yes next to the door is Pad Thai PhraTum Pee well this is eating food everyone this restaurant open long time ago with secret recipe. If you are the one food lover come here. Their organ juice is the best ( one of my recommendation)

All these is one day trip with Miss Pinder 
Original routh 
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